Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HANG TEN Special Event

Hang Ten organized a blogger's event last Sunday, Oct. 9 at Hang Ten, Mall of Asia. What's very Special about this event is that the bloggers are paired with their lucky readers! Making it twice the fun!

Guess what? I got picked by my favorite blogger Paxie.:) I feel so lucky for getting picked! I only knew about it like Saturday morning and I have to plan for outfit and stuffs. I wasn't yet sure if I can go (I'm not yet nagpapaalam. Hihi!) I moved heaven and earth to be able to go! JK! But it was hard telling it to my mom (strict parents). They agreed if they can accompany me to MOA. What is compromise?! :)

I came there at exactly 2 because of excitement!:) Here are some pictures.
Beautiful display

Love the suitcases

Accessories corner

The program started around 2:30 pm with Mr. Kyle's interesting history of Hang Ten and the launch of the winning window display.

Mr. Kyle de Leon, creative director of Hang Ten

The Irregulars, the winner of  window display contest
We had a fun ice breaking game, the Human Bingo! Blogger David Guison won the game. After that, we had the styling game! I'm excited for this because Ms. Paxie is really a talented stylist. Sisiw! The bloggers drew lots of what mannequins to take, we got a guy mannequin. It was a challenge since Ms. Paxie never styled a guy mannequin before but as competitive as we are, we can do this! :)

Here's our poging Mannequin!
Our team!

Other team's style

My fave! Made by Aie, Nikki and Ann's team

Paxie and Tin Iglesias

Me with another inspiring blogger, Melai Entuna
For the event, I wore a skirt used as a tube, a brown belt, my denim vest, leggings and my forever black pumps. The bloggers described it as "boho," I'll research on that. :)

After styling, we had cocktails. Yum! Yum!

Reunion of UPD ACLE people 
They are really funny! They joked each other around. Paxie and Melai joked about Nikki's and Ann's fierce outfits. What's super nice about it is that they remembered me! :)) They knew that I was the girl from ACLE. I love it! Thank you guys, that means so much to me. :D

Ann, me, Nikki

 Before Ms. Paxie and I parted, I gave her my first ever creation! This.

For a very inspiring Blogger, Paxie

Lootbag, or what was left of it
Thank you so much for Hang Ten for organizing the event and the Ms. Paxie for picking me as her partner. I hope you liked the pouch! See you!

RENEGADE: First AdHoc Event Ever

RENEGADE. UP Ecosoc's AdHoc Party was held last Sept. 23 as celebration of the organization's 53rd anniversary. It was held at One Esplanade, near MOA, with drinks sponsored by San Miguel Corp.

For the first time ever, I was permitted to attend a college party! (Yes, I have strict parents. I feel like a free woman!) Well before, it was my own prerogative not to attend college parties because I actually do not know what to expect there since I've never been to one before. But now, I didn't expect everything! It was kinda wild for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the music and the dancing. But people really get wild with a drink in their hands. Not to mention the people they're with. REALLY WILDDDDD!!

Anyway, I had fun with my dates. ;) Thank you so much to Pers and Joby! Especially to Joby, without whom I'll not be able to go. :)

But first, my outfit shot.

Party dress (Cinderella), black and white belts (thrifted),  black pumps (GIbi), trinket (gift), amulet necklace (gift),
 ring (thrifted), earrings (thrifted), fedora hat (bought from a friend), denim pouch (Carmi's ;) )
I have this dress for like forever. I have used it for debuts already. But I really wasn't prepared for the party because I only asked my mom if I could go the previous day. No time to look for clothes! Anyway, I was inspired by a mannequin in SM with layering of belts. So, to reinvent my look, I used black and white belt. La lang, breaker lang. And some accessories I received as gifts. I also have those black pumps since forever. They're very useful like I have worn them from formal affairs to casual events (even to Church). I'll beef up my  closet soon (hopefully!). I'm reading Paula Reed's Style Clinic (I got this from Ms. Aisa's blog). It has helped me sort out actually. Anyway, my fave piece is the fedora hat! It helped focus attention on my face not on my dress. I think I quite stood out because of the hat. Many people noticed it. :)

The first and last thing we did at the party... PHOTOBOOTH!!                                        

Washroom pictures :))

Party people!
 After going to RENEGADE, we went to Tides along Timog Ave. to eat and drink more. We were taken here by Joby's Aunt for their well known Squeeze me! It was not bad at all. I'm not a drinker, I only drank a shot of cocktail at the party. I didn't even like it that much. But the Squeeze me, was super nice! It only tastes like Slurpee of 7-11. Also, their cheesy potato is superb! We saw K Brosas there too! So pretty in person.

Thank you Tita Lea for bringing us here!
Good times! Next time, dears!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'm so happy!:) I made my first ever creation ever! 

Last night, I have the strongest urge to make something. (I'm having wild animal urges lately, in a good way, 'kay?) I actually have a vision of creating something out of my old tattered jeans. And that something is....... a pouch! I think it went out actually, well. (I hope). It's pretty usable.  JK! Of course it's usable, at least for me. 

And so, I first attempted to create a purse out of it. I was almost done, I only have to sew the zipper and that's it. But dang, the zipper broke so I have to find another old zipper (I just ripped the zippers from old pouches). But, I didn't find any (of the size, that is). What I found is a medium length old zipper which reminded me that I am in need of a pencil case. My case is now torn and old, like things falling off it. So, I got on with my plan. But, it was wilder! I spent 2-3 hours making the purse. While the case, I spent almost the whole afternoon, from 11-5. WILD! But, I was happy after.:)

Let me just clear it out with you, I don't have any experience in or out of class where I have sewn something. I mean, yes, we had a project in cross stitching and sewing in gradeschool but not making a shirt or something. Another thing, I don't own a sewing machine.:| And, I don't know how to use it, either. So, I did it with my bare hands. Which doubled my efforts and the time spent. But, it's worth it! Anyway, this is my baby.:)

My baby and me

old jeans, old zipper, key ring, thread (lots of it!!)

I know it's just too simple, but still, it's mine! I can't help but be proud.:) I''ll post the purse once I have finished it.

Anyway, this was my favorite look of the week. That day was kinda stressful that's why I only had my outfit shot when I got home. here it is.:)

printed skirt (used as tube), brown belt, white sweater, leggings,
wedge heels (Chelsea), Hand/shoulder bag (gift), heart necklace (own)

That's it! Happy long weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CAVA giveaways!!!!

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CAVA Handbags x DE Giveaway!

Say hello to my new favorite bag brand. I featured them here before and now I've teamed up with them (hi sir tipu!) to bring you this bonggang giveaway! :) Seriously, I'm obsessed with their bags--so pretty & not that pricey! I initially thought they're selling them within the P1500-P3000 price range. But I was wrooooooong. The skull bucket bag I was eyeing on was just P750! The fringe studded hobo bag I've been parading is just P1100. Aie said the bag looks expensive--and they do feel expensive! Shop HERE.

So, 3 winners will be taking home a CAVA bag of their own. Okay, I'm jealous. I wanted to keep all of them. Haha selfish. Here's what you could win! 

orange mini satchel

red messenger bag

BAGS are girls' bestest friends. I love BAGS! I wish I could win these (if possible, hihi). I'm so excited!!! Finally, I can eligibly join! (Since, I can't tumblr and twitter, Frown.) This is so cool!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Novice Inspiration

It was just yesterday when I found out what I would enjoy to do.

I attended this ACLE (alternative classroom learning experience) in UP Diliman and poof! There I was, yup! I found myself. It was my first time to actually decide (on my own, without any pressures, a.k.a. ACLE as a requirement) to attend a class.

At 12:30pm, I had the strongest urge to attend any class, as in, any at all. I planned to go to a belly dancing class, cosmetic class, HP7.2 screening, stock exchange, divorce bill forum, etc. there's just too many I can't list them all. But of course, you could only attend to one. (dang!) Then, I just stumbled upon UPD Engineering Society's ACLE class, Let me drESs you UP. I thought it would be nice to go because first, Melchor hall is just a few buildings away (this is near, based on UPD standards. I'm in Econ.) and it's FASHION! When I have finally decided, it was already 1:30pm. I'm late! late! LATE!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they haven't started yet (yey!). They had some (more than, maybe) technical problems but they have raffles every time! They have like 30+ pairs of earrings to give away. I kinda didn't know what to expect in this ACLE (since, it was my first time). there have been some delays but once it started, you just can't stop! (wink!)

So, it started off with Lexi! 

and you could say, I'm a novice in fashion. I swear! We were batchmates in Econ!  If I had just known before, i could have been more friendly. Kidding! Shy-type kaya ako! (haha!). I thought she was you-know, uhm, not so kind. But, of course, she's so sweet and all that.

Then, Nikki!

She's really a talented and incredible petite artist. She did so generously raffle some items from +Ruckus. Lovely! For girls and boys, take note! Ann was with her too!

Then, to the business partners and real-life couple, Seph and Shai.

They're just sooo cute. And I must say, they garnered the most questions, personal ones. (blush!)

Finally, these duo. Aisa and Melai!

AND!! they styled 3 of us. Yup! I WAS STYLED!!! It was such an honor to meet them, moreover, to be styled by them! They were so warm and friendly. They're really down-to-earth people. All of them.

And that actually inspired me to try a fashion, er, expression (I wouldn't call it business yet. Who knows?). They were really amazing people. You can't help but be absorbed by them. Awww... I love these people.

Hence, this blog was created and named Novice Inspiration! Novice because I'm new and I have to learn a lot. Inspiration because I will forever remember what these girls did to me in changing my perspective in Life.

A very first post-ish picture.

I miss my curly hair. Next time!