Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RENEGADE: First AdHoc Event Ever

RENEGADE. UP Ecosoc's AdHoc Party was held last Sept. 23 as celebration of the organization's 53rd anniversary. It was held at One Esplanade, near MOA, with drinks sponsored by San Miguel Corp.

For the first time ever, I was permitted to attend a college party! (Yes, I have strict parents. I feel like a free woman!) Well before, it was my own prerogative not to attend college parties because I actually do not know what to expect there since I've never been to one before. But now, I didn't expect everything! It was kinda wild for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the music and the dancing. But people really get wild with a drink in their hands. Not to mention the people they're with. REALLY WILDDDDD!!

Anyway, I had fun with my dates. ;) Thank you so much to Pers and Joby! Especially to Joby, without whom I'll not be able to go. :)

But first, my outfit shot.

Party dress (Cinderella), black and white belts (thrifted),  black pumps (GIbi), trinket (gift), amulet necklace (gift),
 ring (thrifted), earrings (thrifted), fedora hat (bought from a friend), denim pouch (Carmi's ;) )
I have this dress for like forever. I have used it for debuts already. But I really wasn't prepared for the party because I only asked my mom if I could go the previous day. No time to look for clothes! Anyway, I was inspired by a mannequin in SM with layering of belts. So, to reinvent my look, I used black and white belt. La lang, breaker lang. And some accessories I received as gifts. I also have those black pumps since forever. They're very useful like I have worn them from formal affairs to casual events (even to Church). I'll beef up my  closet soon (hopefully!). I'm reading Paula Reed's Style Clinic (I got this from Ms. Aisa's blog). It has helped me sort out actually. Anyway, my fave piece is the fedora hat! It helped focus attention on my face not on my dress. I think I quite stood out because of the hat. Many people noticed it. :)

The first and last thing we did at the party... PHOTOBOOTH!!                                        

Washroom pictures :))

Party people!
 After going to RENEGADE, we went to Tides along Timog Ave. to eat and drink more. We were taken here by Joby's Aunt for their well known Squeeze me! It was not bad at all. I'm not a drinker, I only drank a shot of cocktail at the party. I didn't even like it that much. But the Squeeze me, was super nice! It only tastes like Slurpee of 7-11. Also, their cheesy potato is superb! We saw K Brosas there too! So pretty in person.

Thank you Tita Lea for bringing us here!
Good times! Next time, dears!

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