Saturday, June 23, 2012

One of the Best things 3.0

Day 3: Super Subic, May 26

Disclaimer: All photos were grabbed from Precious Bustmante

On the third day of vacay, my family said to me: 3 famous places, 2 hometowns and a "Let's go to Subic!"
Hahaha! I know it's pilit. But that's the best way to sum up our escapades so far. We already visited the beach (Read more), the Capitol and the islands (Read more). Now, we're off to another place down south that represents a lot of histories (and maybe controversies as well) where else but Subic!

Aside from Manila, one of the popular places to visit for the Northern people was Subic. It's very industrialized (Americanized to be more exact) and has various amenities, some of them not even in Manila. It's very impressive how Subic turned out from a refused and politically sensitive place to one of the major tourist spots in the country.

Nice campaign
It was a looooooooooooooong trip to Subic from our house in San Fabian. I never expected that to be soooooo long. Especially, now that there's SCTEX to make it easier. But still... It took us 6 hours! It was like a bus ride back home in Manila.

We first stopped at Ocean Adventure. However, they find it too expensive (they have lots of marine life in US and Canada). Oh well, we arrived lunchtime so we had our lunch at Gerry's grill.

While waiting to be seated, we explored the Subic Beach just on the other side of Gerry's grill. After hours of travelling, the refreshing sea air is really a blessing.

Subic is popularly known for its variety of water sports. There's parasailing, motorboat, canoeing, etc...


Star Wars. HAHA!

 At last, lunchtime! We were seated near the porch which has both perks and disadvantages. We can feel the cool air but also the "bad hair day" :))

Family Picture

At last, our food came. I really wouldn't recommend this branch of Gerry's Grill because of poor service. Our orders took 1 hour to complete. One of our orders came only after we had our dessert and we still have to pay it. We were very pissed.

Baked scallops. So heavenly.

Happy picture pa din.
After lunch we shopped a bit at Puregold-Duty Free. We weren't able to take pictures because believe it or not, we were shopping for kitchen wares. Haha!:)) We also went to Nike factory outlet and we weren't able to take pictures as well. Darn!

On our way home, we spotted this pretty sunset.

More than the views we've visited and the buffets we ate, what really matters is the bonding we had with each other, the memories we shared, the laughs and even the complaints and comments we shared. Even if we go to popular places or beautiful landscapes, at the end of the day, what we will remember the most is the moments we spent with each other and how we made that place memorable for each of us.

That's all for Day 3, 3 more to go!!

Love, Carmi

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