Saturday, February 28, 2015

Torched Lunch: Valentine's date 2015 Part 1

Hello there! It's been a while since I last posted but I think our Vday date is a good comeback.

We pretty much had an itinerary on this day. It was quite simple. Lunch, Paint and Dinner.


Well, we originally thought of having a hot, spicy, soupy lunch in Hokkaido Ramen in Glorietta. On our way though, we got interested with a new restaurant in Greenbelt. It's beside the Chateau 1771 restaurant. It's called Torch and they're on soft opening.

Amused @ Torch

We were the very first ones there on that day. The ambience is great. Their prominent feature is the plastic bamboo sticks. Their specialties are: Pizza, Steak and Sushi. Seems like a weird combination right? It seems one of those chopseuy restaurants. Like the "Jack of all foods, master of none" kind. Besides, those three are just way off unrelated and different that there is no way you can be a master of all those cooking techniques. Or is there?

So we proceeded with ordering. We ordered their Truffle Fries, Gambas Pizza, Salpicao Steak, Volcano rolls and Torch's Signature Roll.

Bamboo Sticks

Why so serious?
The reason we risked trying is because Marvin is obsessed with steaks. Yes, he'll even go as far as Taft just to get good, cheap steaks. Considering the price range of Torch, I can say it is very affordable for group meals. And boy, the serving is big! We really thought we over ordered.

Truffle Fries
 Their Truffle Fries was good. It reminds me of homemade fries with just the right hint of truffle. We didn't eat much though because the Gambas Pizza came quickly. Kudos for fast service!

Gambas Pizza
 The pizza was so big, we started asking ourselves, "Why order pizza if we're only two???" In the end, we took home what's left and there's still more of it. It was good, cheesy and spicy since they used green jalapenos. Marvin didn't like it as much because of the spice. But it was good for me! I love spicy food! In Marvin's words, "Can you stop liking things I don't like?" NO. Haha!

Torch's Signature Roll
 Their signature roll is big. REALLY Big. those crunchies on the top taste like fried squid strips that's an addictive snack from Taiwan, I think. The taste though, I'm not a fan. I mean, I've tasted better sushi rolls but I guess that's their signature roll because of the size.

Volcano Roll
 Ugh! Heaven. I love this roll. It's sweet, mildly spicy and cheesy. The explosion of flavors in your mouth is just very good. Maybe that's why it's called a Volcano. Haha.

Main Event. Salpicao Steak.
You have a choice of mash potato or rice. We chose rice because we thought we were hungry enough to devour. And we were so wrong, even our hunger could not hold such amount of awesomeness. The presentation was very good. The marble plate was hoisted on four metal sticks and below it a candle is lit. So you can choose the wellness of your steak. Not that Marvin wants it well. He likes it rare.

In general, we were satisfied that we think it's really worth going back. (We actually recommended Torch during one of their family lunches. Hihi.) Their big yet tasty serving definitely sold us. It's really ideal for barkada, family or after office meals. With regards to their specialty claims. I think they got two out of three right. I liked their Pizza and Steak (tho I'm no expert, Ask Marvin). The rolls, the Volcano Roll must be the best but for the other roll, I don't like it as much.

Another bonus is that we got bottle of wine for free! Yey. They have a Valentine's Day Promo that if you spend at least Php 2,000.00 (no judging please), you get free wine.

We love freebies.
That's it for lunch. I felt that this post is too picture heavy na. I decided to make it a two-part blog coverage. Watch out for another picture heavy post! Haha.


"You left something at the back of the car."

Monday, June 2, 2014


At least once in our lifetime, we are confronted with the most basic question:

What is life?

Now, before you switch blogs, give me one more chance to speak my mind. Simply put, life, for me, is what you really want to do. It is not based on any outward force that pushes you to conform or to adapt. Instead, it is the internal bubble that wakes you to live another day, to struggle amidst hardships and to strive to achieve. It is not what makes you suffocate but that which makes you burst in joy. It is not based on religion but it has become your way of life, your personal devotion.

Finding it

Upon reading the article, How To Tell If You're Following Your Calling Or Just Feeding Your Ego by Jeff Haden, I realized that now is the time to face this question about my life.

As a kid, I've always been an achiever, even if only in the personal sense. I was trained to always do my best and reap the rewards, or whatever is there, after. I was always told, "No", "Not enough", or "You can do better." You might think this post is anti-tiger mom or something of the sort. In fact, it is one of the things I'm thankful for because I learned a lot - hardwork, consistency and attitude. I even believe that my somewhat altruistic nature stemmed from this. I learned to reach high for the sky but remain rooted to the ground. In practical terms, I learned to be responsible and to value my family first. I learned to be realistic and to wait. Yes, to wait for the perfect timing of things.

Right now, I am employed in one of the most reputable banks in the country. I undergo training to be a Relationship Manager of the bank. But is this what I really want to do? Working in the corporate setting has its perks and I love my workmates as well, but I fear that it is robbing me of precious time - to be free and to just let it go.

Hence, when I finally reflected about the little things that make me happy - those that you'll skip meals for, I realized that I would want to venture into something creative and expressive. During my free hours, I am always found to be doing crafty activities like pouch making, accessory making or sewing. I feel that it has always been in me to create things, from origami in elementary to doll dresses and upcycled clothing today. Always aiming high, I dream of making it into the fashion industry, particularly in design and merchandising.

Fears and Tears

Fashion is not an industry for the faint-hearted. Like any other "sales" industry, you should have the courage of the lion to face competitors (most frequently yourself) and the agility of the eagle to face the ever-changing tides.

It is truly a fears-and-tears business. But more so, if you consider external conditions. In my case, the calling to provide for my family is more urgent. I am also plagued with my lack of skills and credentials which can only be solved by pursuing formal training.

But even after resolving this, fear of failure often gets through me. I always fear failure. It is my weakness. Only thinking about it, makes me teary-eyed. The fear of never being good enough even if you have given your best is always devastating, whether it be in your career, spiritual or personal life.

Being Realistic

Given that Fashion is what I would want to do, and that the circumstances seem to be less favorable, what would you do?

Family comes first. I choose to postpone my efforts (at least those that would require financial outlay). For obvious reasons of helping out. But I assure you, I would never stop here. There will be more of me in the future, hopefully in the fashion scene.

There is time for everything. I am a strong believer that when you want something, the universe conspires to make it happen. Patience. It will eventually come to me. I belive it.

On the bright side. There are many things that could be gotten from this deferment. First, being able to have the capital by the time I'm ready. Fashion requires high investment, in skills and in materials as well. Second, in my current job, I will be able to learn the valuable skill of sales and networking which is undeniably important in the Fashion world.


I don't intend to influence anyone especially if you're having the same dilemna. Besides, if we go back to the first question, 'What is life?', it is meaningless if you don't approach it in a personal way. After all, it is only yourself who can define you.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. If you have anything you would want to say, feel free to comment below!



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Randomly Puzzled in Puzzle Mansion

Last July 20, Marvin and I accompanied his Mom to Tagaytay to send a package to her sister. This seemingly mundane task became one of our most puzzling experience yet.

Before going straight to the task, we went to Breakfast at Antonio's for a GV breakfast. Since I was craving for pancakes I ordered their Golden Waffle and Hot Chocolate while Marvs ordered Salmon bread and Poached eggs with White Chocolate with Marshmallows.

So yummy!!!
Marvin's Salmon

The waffle was good but the Hot Chocolate was so heavenly. It's very tempting to have a second cup.

On our way to his Mom's friend, we noticed big signs saying "GUINNESS WORLD RECORD" and "PUZZLE MANSION." Curious (and once again sidetracked), we embarked on the bumpy road going there.

And when I say bumpy, I mean it. The road there is narrow and rough. We almost gave up twice. But thanks to Marvin's persistence, we reached the place. Yayy!!

There is an entrance fee of PhP 100.00.

While we were there a whole biking club was also scheduled to visit. Because of the jam packed crowd, none other than the GUINNESS World Record holder herself, Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna toured us in the 2 story house of puzzles.

Jam packed!

She started by showing her Eiffel Tower puzzle. She said that puzzles are so intricate and reflective of a culture. True enough, if we look into the puzzle closely,  some pieces were cut like the word PARIS, a smaller Eiffel Tower, a wine bottle and a dancing lady which is very reflective of their culture.

Ms. Gina holding the Eiffel Tower puzzle
I hope you can see! Haha!


She also showed is her first ever puzzle the Mickey Mouse Puzzle which she did in Hongkong. She told us that she made her child an inspiration to finish the approximately 3x5 sq. ft. puzzle.

From then on, she fell in love with puzzles and began collecting and solving as many as she could. She was able to collect puzzles of famous paintings by artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh and a lot more.

She also has puzzles of different shapes and sizes.

Wooden and 3D puzzles

Scale Model Puzzles

As of now she has 1028 puzzles in here which has beaten the former record of only 300+ puzzles. She's also credited for an entire house dedicated only to puzzles.

Largest Puzzle in the world: Ravensburger's Double Retrospect by Artist Keith Haring

BB and DD

Raise it up!

With the Record holder

More pictures:

One with the puzzles

Selfie with probably the first Selfie everrrrr

Lip biting and focused

MORAL OF THE STORY: No matter how unusual and simple it is, as long as you do it with passion, people will start noticing you and appreciate what you do. Like Ms. Gina who built and fought her way to Guinness World Record because of pure passion and maybe a little luck, anyone can too, in our own special way have our space in the world.

Maybe I should start searching for my passion too.

We'll keep you posted,


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Autumn

Sometimes, when you think that things can't get any better, they turn out for the best.

Just like how I met Marvin, My Love. When we met 5 months ago, I never thought that my world could get more colorful. Since it was Grad season, companies hold career days to recruit. It was in such that we meet. I approached and sat beside him to mingle a bit. Then, voila! We are now a young couple venturing the world together.

Our first picture as a couple. Naks!
I love how we can just be crazy and fun together, enjoying the simple things like MRT and car rides, Mondates, window shopping, groceries and errands and just chilling with our families. With him, every task is light and bearable. He always encourages me to do my best and telling me "Kaya mo yan!" As for him, I always try making him laugh. I love making him laugh. He is too serious about things (Marvs is kinda OC-OC). I feel special when I do that.

Love the Top Right picture! Oha, endorsing the bow I handmade pa ah!
My life has indeed become more colorful with him around. The things we experienced together are special and very memorable.

Everybody's fave bonding time! I eat. A lot. But with him, I tasted variety (and ate a lot more. *Straight face*) World class taste test daw eh. Haha! He is a foodie who loves Japanese and Asian cuisine though he is not limited to that.

Japanese food! (L) Lunch with his Finance Thesismates at Omakase in Ayala Triangle
(R) Dinner with Marvin and Donna (My sister) at Nodasho Japanese Restaurant in Little Tokyo.
More on our foodie and "fashYOWN" blog soon!
Chinese! (Top) Breakfast at Emerald diner in Manila
(Bottom Left) Dinner at North Park in Market! Market!
(Bottom Right) Dinner at Ersao in Eastwood
Let's go Western! (L) Dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak in Trinoma
(R) Breakfast with Marvin and his mom at Antonio's in Tagaytay.
There are so much more undocumented food escapades! Until randomly, we thought, "Hey! What if we make a foodie blog?" We actually thought of names like CORNgee, mix of corny (yessir, I am!) and congee (my ultimate craving at that time). But CORNgee fails to serve a greater purpose. You'll find it out soon!

Going Places
I know our love is going places. Literally. He has expanded my world in the spatial sense by being lakwatsero and lakwatsera almost every week.

Travel! (Top Left) Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay
(Top Right) Despicable me in IMAX at SM Aura
(Bottom Left) Date with 1st year UPSE Barkada in Wakeboarding park, Nuvali
(Bottom Right) San Fabian Beach at my Mom's hometown, San Fabian Pangasinan
More than discovering a place, each place we go to becomes meaningful to us becaue it was filled with laughter, corni-ness and good vibes. Even ordinary places like foodcourts holds treasured moments to us.

Photo Ops
Marvin always take pictures. As in ALWAYS. Almost half on his album are candid shots. And he's always online. So if there are already nice pictures in his smartphone, he uploads it immediately on Facebook with matching Foursquare tags and all that! If you could see my Facebook wall, you'll mostly see "Marvin Singson Managhaya tagged you in...," "Marvin Singson Mananghaya said he was with you at....," etc...

Not that I am complaining. There really was a time that he's like my status writer, all my wall posts came from him only. Haha! Anyway, I'm trying to be more online because of work and personal businesses.

Random OOTDs at Random Places
But more than our SABAW-ness, I love how we can also engage in intellectual discourse about serious things like the economy (our undergraduate courses are both Economics but he also has a degree in Finance), politics, gender inequality, idealism, education and a lot of things. It was refreshing for me because I can't always do that often to most people.

But more than that, we were already planning for a more productive (in economic sense) venture together. We're building our BUSINESS! Watch out for more in the following days!

Shoutout to my co-star in this blog: We can do this. Together. :)



Photos are grabbed from Marvin's phone, Carmi's phone, Irene Arzadon, Kevin Estopace and Tita Kit's phone.