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One of the best things 4.0

Day 4: Bags up for Baguio!

Disclaimer: All photos were grabbed from Precious Bustamante.

After 3 days of hot beaches, it's time to get that summer cool and where could you get that? Where else but Baguio! Termed as the Philippines' Summer Capital, it's no surprise that this would be one place we couldn't miss. Aside from its cool temperature, Baguio is famous for its historical places and cultural landmarks.It's no wonder that even foreigners are drawn to the almost 8-hour drive from Manila and 4 hours from San Fabian just to experience the uniqueness of Baguio.

At the Lion's head

It was my fist time to see the Lion's head. Since we don't have our own car and use only the public transportation, we don't pass through Kennon road. We also stopped by the Kennon Road viewpoint and the Ifugao Village.

View of Kennon road

Mini-rice Terraces
The bakasyonistas (with my Mom)

The Cousins

The young. Haha!:))

Family picture!

We had a unique Baguio experience. Instead of going to usual places like the Burnham Park, Mines View Park, etc.. We went straight to Philippine Military Academy (PMA). This is by the influence of Uncle Roger works for the US Navy (bongga!).

PMA is the home to our young cadets where they train and develop. Aside from that, they have turned it to an educational place by putting up old models of tanks and artillery used in the World War 2. I also learned (from Uncle Roger) that the training grounds were located at Teacher's camp before moving to their present location. 

Alumni Tribute

Tank Babes. Haha!

Love this picture
One of the most interesting part of our trip is visiting the PMA Museum. We wanted to see how the military people train but because it's a Sunday, officers are on a break and their families are allowed to visit them.

My mom. Ordinary Cadet room.

Uniforms throughout the years

Donna, me, Ate Presh and Auntie Perla

 The above are class seals of every batch. They also use Filipino terms such as Bagwis, Matikas, Maragtas among others.


Some aircrafts

Tree house.

Of course, since officers are all around the area, we didn't miss the chance to be photographed with them. Yeah!
Female Cadet


With the Cadets

An officer in camouflage!

In the Ranks


More photos in PMA. 

At the Head Office

If you're wondering why I'm not wearing a jacket it's because it was hot. Weather patterns have changed much even in Baguio. Before, you always have to wear jackets all day. But not anymore. Still, it's cold in the afternoon and night.

We had lunch at Rosebowl. It's a well recommended chinese restaurant especially for family gatherings. And the food was delish too! Unfortunately, we weren't able to take pictures. We attempted to go to Minesview Park but the crowd was just crazy! There were so many people, as in, shoulder-to-shoulder. Wild!

After eating, we went to Teacher's camp to settle our lodgings. Then we went to the Bell Church. Here are some pictures.

Main entrance gate


Bawal dawww!! Hahahaha!
Uncle Roger
Uncle Roger is soooo cute! He's one of the funniest persons I know and who would have thought he works as the Combat Director for the US Navy? Looks can be deceiving, huh? No wonder why he and Aunt Mae are still very sweet to each other. Aunt Mae even call's him her boyfriend. Haha! Uncle Roger only answers with, "Ang hirap talaga maging alipin." :))

Lovely Couple.

After going to the Bell Church, we went to La Trinidad for the famous strawberry farm and picking area. However, heavy rain fell and we weren't able to come closer.

Protected strawberries
The price for strawberry-picking is P500 per kilo per person. And we were like, "That's crazy! We can buy strawberries for only P300+ per kilo at the markets." I don't know about you but I'd rather buy strawberries at the market though strawberry-picking seems fun too.

We went to SM Baguio a bit to buy DVDs and Bibingka. They were my aunties favorite things to buy. Almost every mall we went to, they bought DVDs. (Note: I'm not complaining!:))

With Uncle Roger and my sis
Since it was raining, we ended our day with a soup diet at Chowking in SM Baguio. That's it for Day 4 but not yet done with Baguio.:) More on Day 5!

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Love, Carmi!

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