Sunday, June 17, 2012

One of the Best things

A close friend told me that at least every year, you have to go somewhere you haven't been before. Why? Why not, right? And so here I am, I did not miss the chance. I even skipped some days off my internship to have a bakasyon engrande (grand vacation).

And why did I call grand? Check this out.

We had 6 days to finish this itinerary: Pangasinan, Subic, Baguio, Ilocus Sur, Ilocos Norte
What did we see there? Loads, beaches, churches, hotels, more beaches and churches.

Day 1: My Birthday, May 24

Credits: All photos were grabbed from Precious Bustamante.:)

I know, I'm so lucky to have this vacay scheduled on my birthday.:) I really felt blessed that day and was able to bond with my relatives and with the wonderful places we've been to. On the first day, we went to PTA resort in San Fabian.

At the gates. Aunt Rosie, Me, Donna, Ate Presh, Mom, Aunt Perla and Aunt Ada (L-R)
Donna, Me, Uncle Roger, Ate Prresh, and DJ (L-R)
What makes it more special was that I am with my balikbayan relatives from USA and Canada. They rarely visit the country and this is actually the first time I was able to bond with them.

Family Picture outside the Resort

Family Picture by the beach

My cousins and I are already close. We bond and talk often but it really is different when you visit places together. We have so much kwentos during the trips and lots of photo-bonding moments.:) Sadly, Kuya Lyndon wasn't able to come with us because of Nursing review. We missed him.:(

The cousins

Inside the resto

What I enjoyed most was the bonding I had with my sister. I was so happy for her because we had her dream place, Vigan, at our itinerary and I'm so proud to be there with her. More about Vigan, soon!

A very sisterly picture

My ultimate favorite place ever is by the beach. I love the calmness and at the same time the dynamism of the beach. The waves, the wind, the sand on my feet comes together as a perfect balance of nature. The beach for me teaches us a lesson. To be refreshed and calm just like the sea amidst the hotness and violence of the sun and wind.

Dress- SM, Scarf- Pashmina, Shades- Foster Grant

By the Beach

Shell gathering
More pictures.:)

Superman jumpshot

At the Pavilion

Of course, it's my birthday. I was so touched when my sister and close cousins surprised me with these.
Giant Bithday Card!
Donna, Ate Presh, Me, Aunt Mae, Uncle Roger

Iron Man tumblerrrrrr!!!

The Best. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book

Papang and I.
My birthday is not usually my favorite day but these guys made my day so special and beautiful. I really felt loved and appreciated for who I am. I can't thank them enough.:)

That's it. Watch out for day 2!:)

Love, Carmi!

PS: Happy Father's day to our dads!:)

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