Sunday, September 22, 2013

Randomly Puzzled in Puzzle Mansion

Last July 20, Marvin and I accompanied his Mom to Tagaytay to send a package to her sister. This seemingly mundane task became one of our most puzzling experience yet.

Before going straight to the task, we went to Breakfast at Antonio's for a GV breakfast. Since I was craving for pancakes I ordered their Golden Waffle and Hot Chocolate while Marvs ordered Salmon bread and Poached eggs with White Chocolate with Marshmallows.

So yummy!!!
Marvin's Salmon

The waffle was good but the Hot Chocolate was so heavenly. It's very tempting to have a second cup.

On our way to his Mom's friend, we noticed big signs saying "GUINNESS WORLD RECORD" and "PUZZLE MANSION." Curious (and once again sidetracked), we embarked on the bumpy road going there.

And when I say bumpy, I mean it. The road there is narrow and rough. We almost gave up twice. But thanks to Marvin's persistence, we reached the place. Yayy!!

There is an entrance fee of PhP 100.00.

While we were there a whole biking club was also scheduled to visit. Because of the jam packed crowd, none other than the GUINNESS World Record holder herself, Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna toured us in the 2 story house of puzzles.

Jam packed!

She started by showing her Eiffel Tower puzzle. She said that puzzles are so intricate and reflective of a culture. True enough, if we look into the puzzle closely,  some pieces were cut like the word PARIS, a smaller Eiffel Tower, a wine bottle and a dancing lady which is very reflective of their culture.

Ms. Gina holding the Eiffel Tower puzzle
I hope you can see! Haha!


She also showed is her first ever puzzle the Mickey Mouse Puzzle which she did in Hongkong. She told us that she made her child an inspiration to finish the approximately 3x5 sq. ft. puzzle.

From then on, she fell in love with puzzles and began collecting and solving as many as she could. She was able to collect puzzles of famous paintings by artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh and a lot more.

She also has puzzles of different shapes and sizes.

Wooden and 3D puzzles

Scale Model Puzzles

As of now she has 1028 puzzles in here which has beaten the former record of only 300+ puzzles. She's also credited for an entire house dedicated only to puzzles.

Largest Puzzle in the world: Ravensburger's Double Retrospect by Artist Keith Haring

BB and DD

Raise it up!

With the Record holder

More pictures:

One with the puzzles

Selfie with probably the first Selfie everrrrr

Lip biting and focused

MORAL OF THE STORY: No matter how unusual and simple it is, as long as you do it with passion, people will start noticing you and appreciate what you do. Like Ms. Gina who built and fought her way to Guinness World Record because of pure passion and maybe a little luck, anyone can too, in our own special way have our space in the world.

Maybe I should start searching for my passion too.

We'll keep you posted,


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