Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Happy 3 Friends 2012

Halloa! After months of inactivity, I am making a comeback to write about my 3 awesome friends. (They are just awesome like that! And no, they are not morbid unlike what my title suggests.) Since we're gonna have another Reunion coming up, it's just high time to feature you, guys!

I went to Quezon City Science (Quesci) in HS and met 3 lovely people.
Joby, me, Ate Kim, Ate Risa
Joby is the saintliest (and weird err.. most unconventional ) person I know. She's a true friend who'll go to the moon with you. Ate Kim (yeah, we're close like sisters) is the most talented in music. She can play piano, guitar, violin and can sing too. Well, Joby can play the violin too and Ate Risa can play the piano (that leaves me, the only tone deaf in the group). Ate Risa is quiet and caring. She and Joby are the main reasons I got into anime.

We formed our little group during 3rd year in Quesci. We called ourselves P6. Stands for 6 P's we forgot about. Haha!  We are the "not mainstream" group, never were and never will. I seem to yearn that kind of uncomplicated happy friendship in college where I found little success. Until now, we make it a point to bond once a year at least. But this year was one of the bests! we were able to see each other 3 times going 4! 

A picture summary.:)

July 22 Post Summer date

Every year, when we're complete, we always get studio pics such as that one above (parang HS lang. Haha!). This time we went to SM North (as usual) and just had some girl talk. We ate at Kimono Ken then had dessert at Krispy Kreme.
Ate Kim and Joby at Kimono Ken

Awesome 4some at Krispy Kreme (sariling sikap picture)
Then we sang our hearts out at Timezone Trinoma. Unfortunately, Ate Kim has to go to her choir's concert rehearsal (See? She's really talented) so, she missed our concert. Haha!

Go me!

Another Sariling sikap photo

They took my outfit shot! yayy! 

Old Xientian Skirt

Sept. 22   LIV  

Since Joby and I are in the same org, we invited our friends to LIV, ECOSOC's Anniversary Party. Unfortunately, Ate Kim was not allowed to go (Strike 2, joke langgg. Haha!) That was a WILD PARTY but FUN. We even have water guns. Cool!

Bonggang stage!

Happy 3 Friends

Point and shoot
Aside from that, there is a large Emblem where we can vandal whatever we want. Cool, huh?

P6 Vandal

 And at 12pm, the midnight reveal! FOAM BUBBLES! We heard it lasted for 2 hours. COOL!!!

Foam Bubbles!

After that we slept at Joby's house!


October 6     Trick Art Museum

As her birthday is just around the corner, Ate Kim invited us to .... somewhere. We just found out where when we got there, crazy, right? Apparently, we were brought to the Seri's Fantasealand, to the Trick Art Museum and 3D viewing, just beside Manila Ocean Park. After the teasers, we now knew what the cameras are for. BEWARE: This is Photo-heavy. Enjoy!

Excited us!!

Joby and me

Ate Kim and her Mom

By the sea

Looking out (emo?!)
 Our first stop, Trick Art Museum

Joby as Farm-girl

Ate Kim's parents. Thank you po!

Ooh! A big one!

Haba ng Hair.

Most convincing! Haha!


Plain room

We tried out the arcade to pass the time for the 3D show. It was my also my first time to ride a bump car!


Ready, set, go!

Halatang first time photo

Me with the Celebrant

Then we watched a 3D film of migratory birds.

Before the 3D show

What's a birthday without food right? We were treated to a Chinese Restaurant in MOA. We were filled with their Bamboo Rice and Congee. We were starstruck with the desserts!

Mango Ice

French Toast

Heavenly finish! We thank Ate Kim's family especially, her Mom and Dad, for an unforgettable date!

To my Ladies, I  miss you and see you on the 29th!;)