Saturday, February 28, 2015

Torched Lunch: Valentine's date 2015 Part 1

Hello there! It's been a while since I last posted but I think our Vday date is a good comeback.

We pretty much had an itinerary on this day. It was quite simple. Lunch, Paint and Dinner.


Well, we originally thought of having a hot, spicy, soupy lunch in Hokkaido Ramen in Glorietta. On our way though, we got interested with a new restaurant in Greenbelt. It's beside the Chateau 1771 restaurant. It's called Torch and they're on soft opening.

Amused @ Torch

We were the very first ones there on that day. The ambience is great. Their prominent feature is the plastic bamboo sticks. Their specialties are: Pizza, Steak and Sushi. Seems like a weird combination right? It seems one of those chopseuy restaurants. Like the "Jack of all foods, master of none" kind. Besides, those three are just way off unrelated and different that there is no way you can be a master of all those cooking techniques. Or is there?

So we proceeded with ordering. We ordered their Truffle Fries, Gambas Pizza, Salpicao Steak, Volcano rolls and Torch's Signature Roll.

Bamboo Sticks

Why so serious?
The reason we risked trying is because Marvin is obsessed with steaks. Yes, he'll even go as far as Taft just to get good, cheap steaks. Considering the price range of Torch, I can say it is very affordable for group meals. And boy, the serving is big! We really thought we over ordered.

Truffle Fries
 Their Truffle Fries was good. It reminds me of homemade fries with just the right hint of truffle. We didn't eat much though because the Gambas Pizza came quickly. Kudos for fast service!

Gambas Pizza
 The pizza was so big, we started asking ourselves, "Why order pizza if we're only two???" In the end, we took home what's left and there's still more of it. It was good, cheesy and spicy since they used green jalapenos. Marvin didn't like it as much because of the spice. But it was good for me! I love spicy food! In Marvin's words, "Can you stop liking things I don't like?" NO. Haha!

Torch's Signature Roll
 Their signature roll is big. REALLY Big. those crunchies on the top taste like fried squid strips that's an addictive snack from Taiwan, I think. The taste though, I'm not a fan. I mean, I've tasted better sushi rolls but I guess that's their signature roll because of the size.

Volcano Roll
 Ugh! Heaven. I love this roll. It's sweet, mildly spicy and cheesy. The explosion of flavors in your mouth is just very good. Maybe that's why it's called a Volcano. Haha.

Main Event. Salpicao Steak.
You have a choice of mash potato or rice. We chose rice because we thought we were hungry enough to devour. And we were so wrong, even our hunger could not hold such amount of awesomeness. The presentation was very good. The marble plate was hoisted on four metal sticks and below it a candle is lit. So you can choose the wellness of your steak. Not that Marvin wants it well. He likes it rare.

In general, we were satisfied that we think it's really worth going back. (We actually recommended Torch during one of their family lunches. Hihi.) Their big yet tasty serving definitely sold us. It's really ideal for barkada, family or after office meals. With regards to their specialty claims. I think they got two out of three right. I liked their Pizza and Steak (tho I'm no expert, Ask Marvin). The rolls, the Volcano Roll must be the best but for the other roll, I don't like it as much.

Another bonus is that we got bottle of wine for free! Yey. They have a Valentine's Day Promo that if you spend at least Php 2,000.00 (no judging please), you get free wine.

We love freebies.
That's it for lunch. I felt that this post is too picture heavy na. I decided to make it a two-part blog coverage. Watch out for another picture heavy post! Haha.


"You left something at the back of the car."