Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Autumn

Sometimes, when you think that things can't get any better, they turn out for the best.

Just like how I met Marvin, My Love. When we met 5 months ago, I never thought that my world could get more colorful. Since it was Grad season, companies hold career days to recruit. It was in such that we meet. I approached and sat beside him to mingle a bit. Then, voila! We are now a young couple venturing the world together.

Our first picture as a couple. Naks!
I love how we can just be crazy and fun together, enjoying the simple things like MRT and car rides, Mondates, window shopping, groceries and errands and just chilling with our families. With him, every task is light and bearable. He always encourages me to do my best and telling me "Kaya mo yan!" As for him, I always try making him laugh. I love making him laugh. He is too serious about things (Marvs is kinda OC-OC). I feel special when I do that.

Love the Top Right picture! Oha, endorsing the bow I handmade pa ah!
My life has indeed become more colorful with him around. The things we experienced together are special and very memorable.

Everybody's fave bonding time! I eat. A lot. But with him, I tasted variety (and ate a lot more. *Straight face*) World class taste test daw eh. Haha! He is a foodie who loves Japanese and Asian cuisine though he is not limited to that.

Japanese food! (L) Lunch with his Finance Thesismates at Omakase in Ayala Triangle
(R) Dinner with Marvin and Donna (My sister) at Nodasho Japanese Restaurant in Little Tokyo.
More on our foodie and "fashYOWN" blog soon!
Chinese! (Top) Breakfast at Emerald diner in Manila
(Bottom Left) Dinner at North Park in Market! Market!
(Bottom Right) Dinner at Ersao in Eastwood
Let's go Western! (L) Dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak in Trinoma
(R) Breakfast with Marvin and his mom at Antonio's in Tagaytay.
There are so much more undocumented food escapades! Until randomly, we thought, "Hey! What if we make a foodie blog?" We actually thought of names like CORNgee, mix of corny (yessir, I am!) and congee (my ultimate craving at that time). But CORNgee fails to serve a greater purpose. You'll find it out soon!

Going Places
I know our love is going places. Literally. He has expanded my world in the spatial sense by being lakwatsero and lakwatsera almost every week.

Travel! (Top Left) Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay
(Top Right) Despicable me in IMAX at SM Aura
(Bottom Left) Date with 1st year UPSE Barkada in Wakeboarding park, Nuvali
(Bottom Right) San Fabian Beach at my Mom's hometown, San Fabian Pangasinan
More than discovering a place, each place we go to becomes meaningful to us becaue it was filled with laughter, corni-ness and good vibes. Even ordinary places like foodcourts holds treasured moments to us.

Photo Ops
Marvin always take pictures. As in ALWAYS. Almost half on his album are candid shots. And he's always online. So if there are already nice pictures in his smartphone, he uploads it immediately on Facebook with matching Foursquare tags and all that! If you could see my Facebook wall, you'll mostly see "Marvin Singson Managhaya tagged you in...," "Marvin Singson Mananghaya said he was with you at....," etc...

Not that I am complaining. There really was a time that he's like my status writer, all my wall posts came from him only. Haha! Anyway, I'm trying to be more online because of work and personal businesses.

Random OOTDs at Random Places
But more than our SABAW-ness, I love how we can also engage in intellectual discourse about serious things like the economy (our undergraduate courses are both Economics but he also has a degree in Finance), politics, gender inequality, idealism, education and a lot of things. It was refreshing for me because I can't always do that often to most people.

But more than that, we were already planning for a more productive (in economic sense) venture together. We're building our BUSINESS! Watch out for more in the following days!

Shoutout to my co-star in this blog: We can do this. Together. :)



Photos are grabbed from Marvin's phone, Carmi's phone, Irene Arzadon, Kevin Estopace and Tita Kit's phone.

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