Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paradigm shift


As what this entry title states, I am now shifting from the seemingly mundane topics about myself to things I really care about. After all, this is what a blog is for, to share to the world what you want them to know. And right now, I'm choosing to share what I really am.

This whole post is asking me to reevaluate and reset my priorities. As I start yet another year (and, un/fortunately my last) in the university, I found myself at lost and confused of how I envision myself to be. Don't get me wrong, I still would want to have a career in the exciting fashion world but I realized that I have to start with the whys rather than the whats.

Why? Simple, for the people I love. For my mom, who always want to provide the best for us, for my sister who looks up to me and my friends who supports me no matter what.  I want to give them the best of me.

Whoo, with this short post, I just wanted to share this nice book I started reading. It's by Stephen R. Covey entitled THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE®


I know this would help me survive through the rest of the sem and will be useful the rest of my life. 

Aside from changing my perspective, I also changed the name of my blog from Novice Carmi to Carmi Creates. I believe it would be helpful in the future and reflects my refreshed view of creating memories rather than focusing on one thing alone.

Why in the world did I only think of this now. That's it for now.

Ja' ne!

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