Sunday, August 28, 2011


I'm so happy!:) I made my first ever creation ever! 

Last night, I have the strongest urge to make something. (I'm having wild animal urges lately, in a good way, 'kay?) I actually have a vision of creating something out of my old tattered jeans. And that something is....... a pouch! I think it went out actually, well. (I hope). It's pretty usable.  JK! Of course it's usable, at least for me. 

And so, I first attempted to create a purse out of it. I was almost done, I only have to sew the zipper and that's it. But dang, the zipper broke so I have to find another old zipper (I just ripped the zippers from old pouches). But, I didn't find any (of the size, that is). What I found is a medium length old zipper which reminded me that I am in need of a pencil case. My case is now torn and old, like things falling off it. So, I got on with my plan. But, it was wilder! I spent 2-3 hours making the purse. While the case, I spent almost the whole afternoon, from 11-5. WILD! But, I was happy after.:)

Let me just clear it out with you, I don't have any experience in or out of class where I have sewn something. I mean, yes, we had a project in cross stitching and sewing in gradeschool but not making a shirt or something. Another thing, I don't own a sewing machine.:| And, I don't know how to use it, either. So, I did it with my bare hands. Which doubled my efforts and the time spent. But, it's worth it! Anyway, this is my baby.:)

My baby and me

old jeans, old zipper, key ring, thread (lots of it!!)

I know it's just too simple, but still, it's mine! I can't help but be proud.:) I''ll post the purse once I have finished it.

Anyway, this was my favorite look of the week. That day was kinda stressful that's why I only had my outfit shot when I got home. here it is.:)

printed skirt (used as tube), brown belt, white sweater, leggings,
wedge heels (Chelsea), Hand/shoulder bag (gift), heart necklace (own)

That's it! Happy long weekend!

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